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Hi! First of all, you are so awesome. I had to get that out of the way. secondly, you've inspired me like the rest of your followers to begin practicing yoga and I want to thank you. finally, can you please explain the differences between all the different types of yoga styles? I'm starting to feel like it's like christian denominations: believe in the same thing but a different way of showing it. if you've already shared this, can you please point me to the right direction? thanks! @lovelianca


hey hey hey! When I first started practicing yoga, I was like “um, HOW ARE THERE SO MANY DIFFERENT KINDS/THIS IS JUST LIKE RELIGION/THE UNIVERSE IS CRAZY”. Basically, I feel you.

There are too many kinds of yoga for me to try and explain them all now, but I think this poster might give a little clarification. If it helps, I personally prefer Vinyasa flow blended with Ashtanga. It’s high endurance and more athletic, but without being uncomfortable.


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